StormTrack 12 has upgraded tracking for Hurricane Season


EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA - Alerting you to severe weather danger is what we do in the StormTrack 12 Weather Center and at NewsChannel 12. Last year we had a brief brush, early in the season, with Hurricane Arthur. That was the first named storm, in a basically quiet tropical season. In fact, Arthur was the only storm to make landfall on the U.S. southeastern coast in all of 2014. With the Hurricane season set to begin on June 1st, StormTrack 12 Meteorologists have been updating and upgrading our tools to help track these tropical events, to better alert you to these severe weather dangers. We have the models tracking data and projecting the future path of a tropical storm or hurricane. These models provide the latest atmospheric characteristics and help project the path and strength of the storm earlier, to give us more time to prepare in coastal areas for potential damage. 2005 was one of the most active and destructive seasons on record. That is the year we dealt with Hurricane Katrina. We had 13 named storms, six hurricanes and four major storms in that memorable year. Compare that to the average of 12 named storms, six becoming hurricanes and three being major storms. 2005 was near the average and shows the destruction we can experience, even in slower years. We were well prepared for Katrina because of the tracking and forecasting advancements at the time. Those forecasting abilities continue to improve. The Hurricane Hunters fly continuous missions into the storms and transmit data about the conditions they encounter. That data is sent to the Hurricane Center and uploaded to our system. This allows us to better see what a storm is doing and the track it is taking. We can display the latest from these flights on our tracking program. Along with the upper level winds, the water temperatures are essential to hurricane development. We are able to use the latest temperature data, to plot and show those areas where a potential for strengthening exists. These maps show the warmer water in the path of the storm. As the wave crash ashore from a land falling storm, they can be very destructive and create millions of dollars in damage. These areas are better served with new surge prediction technology and a newer advanced warning system. This helps in the preparation and allows business and homeowners to make better plans to protect their property. We also track all watches and warnings, in the path of the storm, plus project the path and track the latest storm data. This is always displayed by the projected path and the cone of possible path direction. The watches and warnings are posted in advance to allow for communities to prepare properly. These new tools will assist in alerting you to the severe weather dangers from tropical systems. As we head into the 2015 hurricane season, we should remember that all these storm systems are extremely dangerous and can be destructive. Despite the prediction for a quiet tropical season, you should always be alert for the dangers that just one storm can cause. All these products we have shown are in the highest resolution for a more detailed and clearer tracking of these storms.

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