State Department of Justice releases website for help paying for college


State Attorney General Josh Stein's office issued a press release Friday for a new website that will provide information for students and families on how to safely pay for college.

You can clock here to go to the website. Below is the official press release.


Attorney General Josh Stein today announced a new tool on his website to provide information for students and their families about how to safely pay for college. "As high schools, colleges and universities celebrate graduations all across North Carolina, I want to be sure those students and their families have the resources they need to make smart decisions about how they pay for college or pay off loans," said Attorney General Stein. "Higher education is a great investment, but an expensive one. About 60 percent of North Carolina students take out loans. Learning about your options, how to read the fine print and how much you'll actually have to pay can make that process a lot smoother." This website feature - with sections for students in high school who are applying for college, current college students and graduates who are now paying off their loans - includes information and tips for each of those stages. "As your Attorney General, I can't change the price of college or how we finance higher education," said Attorney General Stein. "But I can and will fight for you if you're cheated, unfairly targeted or misled. And I will work to make sure you have the information you need to make a smart financial decision about your college investment."

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