School system returns to four-day summer weeks to conserve funds


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - The employees of the Carteret County Public School System who work year-round will begin a four-day work week starting Monday.

The four-day workweek continues through Aug. 11 with employees working 10 hours each day. Below is the full press release:


Contributed by Carteret County Schools In an effort to conserve, Carteret County Public School System employees that work year-round will work four-day weeks this summer. This will be the tenth summer this conservation effort has been put into place by the school system. The four-day work week schedule begins June 12 and continues through August 11, with employees working 10-hour days Monday through Thursday of each week. The Carteret County Public School System is the county's largest employer. This four-day work week schedule will impact employees that work year-round, which is the minority because the majority of the school system's employees work when students are in session. "We are continuously seeking ways to conserve funds and will follow the plan from the previous years," Superintendent Dr. Dan Novey said. "By going to a four-day work week for the summer, we will be actually shutting down schools and offices each Thursday afternoon and reopening them Monday morning. Additionally, fuel will not be used by maintenance and transportation trucks and employees on that fifth day." This schedule impacts every part of the school system - from schools, central services office, the transportation and maintenance departments, food services, warehouse, custodians and contract custodians. "With the rising costs of utilities and fuel, we must continue to find ways to conserve money," Dr. Novey added. "It is the school system's responsibility to the citizens and tax payers of the county to seek ways to reduce costs, and this is one way we can do that." Dr. Novey said the school system should see savings by going to a four-day work week and not using electricity or cooling the schools to the degree they are cooled during the regular week. He said the interior temperatures of the schools would be raised Thursday afternoons and then lowered again Monday mornings. "This temperature should adequately control the proper humidity in the buildings," Dr. Novey said. Dr. Novey added that employees should also realize a personal savings because they will not be driving to and from work each Friday. The only exceptions to this new schedule will be non-school system workers involved in painting schools and school construction projects. Those contractors will be notified that the interior of the schools will not be cooled to the normal operating temperatures.

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