Rescue puppy found abandoned in old fridge is celebrated in photo shoot

(ABC News photo)

Owen the puppy hasn't always had such a sweet life: He was found in an old fridge with his mom and six siblings after being abandoned.

"From what we understand is that they were abandoned in the fridge," Madison Luscombe, a board member at the South Plains SPCA in Texas, told ABC News. "We don't know for sure if she had the puppies out there or not. I'm guessing someone dumped them out there with their mom."

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After Clarissa Quintana and her boyfriend, Ivan Figueroa, first laid eyes on him at the SPCA, they knew Owen was the puppy for them.

"We had gone to the shelter a couple of times," said Quintana, 20. "We looked for a really long time but we wanted it to be special. We were there to meet a different dog and it just happened that we saw Owen in the pen. He was only there to get his shots."

Once Owen was old enough to be adopted out to a "fur-ever" home, Figueroa picked him up as a surprise for his girlfriend while she was away on a class trip to Chicago.

"It was exciting," Quintana recalled of when she came home to the furry new member of their family. "He kind of recognized me and it was really neat that he could remember my scent. He knocked me down and it was just so sweet."

The proud puppy owners from Lubbock wanted to do something special to honor Owen's story, so they staged a photo shoot with photographer Shelby Beauregard to celebrate his journey.

"We did it to get other people excited for adoption. You're saving a life," Quintana said.

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