Panthers' Oher cited for assaulting Uber driver

Michael Oher (WSOC photo)

CHARLOTTE - Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher is accused of assaulting an Uber driver in Nashville, Tennessee, according to Nashville police.

The high-profile football player, whose life was the subject of the movie "The Blind Side," was cited for the alleged assault.

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The Uber driver claims that on April 14 the two got into an argument during a ride to downtown Nashville. The driver said he put his hand on Oher's face, and then Oher knocked him to the ground.

The incident started when the driver picked up Oher and four others to go to the Southern Restaurant in downtown Nashville, according to the citation.

Oher told the driver to follow another vehicle.

The Uber driver did not think the lead vehicle knew the correct route and suggested they take the lead.

Oher thought the Uber driver was trying to collect more fare money, according to the citation.

An argument started, and Oher and his friends wanted to go to another location on Eighth Avenue South, but on the way they made a bathroom stop at Mapco on that avenue.

The argument continued, and when they got to the Mapco, the Uber driver got out to let the passengers out of the vehicle.

Oher, who was in the front passenger seat, got out and confronted the driver.

"The victim then put his hands up towards the suspect's face and the suspect pushed the victim down onto the ground," according to the citation.

The driver said Oher also kicked him in the leg while he was on the ground.

Oher's friends stopped Oher from "doing anything more to the victim," according to the citation.

Oher has been ordered to appear for booking on May 8 on the misdemeanor assault citation.

Oher has been with the Panthers since 2015. He has been placed on concussion protocol since the end of September 2016. He missed the last 13 games of the 2016 season.

The Panthers sent a statement to WSOC:

"We are aware an incident occurred involving Michael. We have no further comment at this time."

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