Onslow County reports fees for Hurricane Matthew landfill debris


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Onslow County has various landfills that will accept specified debris left by Hurricane Matthew.

Here is the list of so-called "tipping fees," obtained from Onslow County Communications Specialist Riley Eversull:

Household tipping fees: $47/ton

Construction and demolition: $47/ton

Special handling (asbestos, animal carcasses, documents): $52.25/ton

State disposal tax fee: $2/ton (added to fees listed above)

Yard waste, brick, rocks, concrete, untreated/unpainted wood and uncontaminated dirt: $25/ton

Wood pallets: $25/ton

TVs, comupter monitors, microwaves: $3/each

Vehicle weigh-in (certified weight): $5