New Bern golf course plays the long game, sacrifices for the short-term


NEW BERN, Craven County - At a time when many people are hitting the course, the New Bern Golf and Country Club shut down its greens and fairways for the summer.

As part of a process to switch the course to a Bermuda grass, the course management decided to close the course to golfers this summer, allowing time for the $750,000 overhaul of the course.

"It was a little scary to lose three months of your summer," NBGCC PGA Professional Alan Ferebee said.

General Manager Patrick Dill said it wasn't an easy decision to close, but due to the nature of the weather conditions needed to grow the grass, there wasn't much of an alternative. "It is one of the hardest times because that is our busiest times," he said. "We have been planning and were probably going to hold off for another year, but we were able to get our ducks in a row." The goal now is to get the course up and running by the end of the summer, which includes not only installing the new grass and giving it time to grow, but moving some of the courses elements, such as the greens on Nos. 10 and 18. "We are going to be moving to the new Champion G-12 Bermuda Grass, which is going to be a more heat tolerant grass," Ferebee said. "Greens die every summer, really having a hard time. These guys are going to be really excited to have grass all summer long." This will bring a much better playing experience for the golfers at a reasonable price tag, money well spent.

It'll also - if everything goes according to schedule - allow the course to re-open in September in time for some of the best golfing weather of the year in North Carolina.

The country club itself, which is hosting summer programs for kids, remains open during the course renovation.

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