Mother accused of leaving two kids in hot car


CARY, N.C. - A Cary woman allegedly left her two kids in a hot car in the parking lot of an apartment complex Monday. According to our Raleigh affiliate WTVD, arrest warrants show the children were 1 and 5 years old. The car was parked at an apartment complex off Kildaire Farm Road. Members of a painting crew who were working nearby saw the kids and called their supervisor. That woman, Faviola Stamper, rushed in to help.

"The little boy was, he looked like he wasn't breathing to me, and the little girl, you could tell she was covered in sweat," Stamper said. Stamper said the kids had been unattended for as long as 30 minutes, and even though the car's windows weren't completely up, the car was scorching hot. She called 911 and was given permission to get the kids out as police and paramedics were on the way. "When we opened her doors, you can literally, and you can hear me say, 'Whoa!' because my workers when they opened the doors they felt the heat," Stamper said. Stamper said the boy was apparently in a deep sleep, but the girl remained unresponsive even after emergency workers arrived. Police said the children's mother, Laura Castro, 30, is an undocumented immigrant. Immigrations officials filed a detainer on Castro, but she was allowed to post a $2,000 bond and leave jail. "It's a double-edged sword," Stamper said. "I didn't know what to do. I feel bad for her (Castro), but her kids, it's a responsibility for anybody to take care of those children."

Cary Police charged Castro with two counts of misdemeanor child abuse. Police contacted Child Protective Services, but it's unclear where the children are right now.