Missing RDU employee found alive in Virginia Beach

Allison Cope (Photo via WTVD)

Raleigh-Durham International Airport employee Allison Cope - who disappeared from her job Monday - has been found alive in Virginia Beach, RDU officials tell WTVD.

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The Raleigh-Durham International Airport Authority police department said it was notified by police in Virginia.

Cope was taken to the Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital by and officer and is in stable condition, according to hospital officials.

At the moment, there are no additional details on how she got to the location where she was found.

Cope, who had been a supervisor at the Starbucks in RDU's terminal Two for four years, disappeared during her shift Monday afternoon.

Police say she was officially reported missing at 7 p.m. Monday night when she never returned after leaving for her break.

RDU police later released three surveillance photos that showed Cope and her car at a Shell gas station at 942 Durham Road, Wake Forest, NC at approximately 4:15 p.m. on Monday afternoon. In a news release, RDU police said "Airport police have thoroughly reviewed the video and there is no evidence that she is under any distress. Furthermore, RDU Police have uncovered no evidence of any crimes being committed at the airport or anywhere near the airport campus."

The images didn't explain why Cope left her phone and purse behind at work. Her friends also said that she is not the type to not show up for work or the dog rescue she runs with her friend.

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