Man runs from Canada to Florida for multiple sclerosis


ATLANTIC BEACH, Carteret County - A man from Pennsylvania is running from Canada to Key West to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. He was in Carteret County on Friday.

Stephen Moyer set out on this run in July. He decided to start the journey in honor of his wife, Laurie, who was diagnosed with MS in Nov. 2013.

"The medicines my wife has been using have worked pretty well, but that's not the case for a lot of people," Moyer said. "So we need research for other medications."

Moyer runs by himself and averages about 20 miles a day. He runs rain or shine.

"As an unsupported run, that's part of the excitement, but it's also the challenge to figure it out," Moyer said. "Every day is a new challenge."

As Moyer runs, he documents his adventures on his website. He also collects donations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

He admits he did not know much about multiple sclerosis when his wife was first diagnosed with it. As he's traveled, he's learned many others do not either.

"I'm hoping that's what people get out of it," Moyer said. "So, when somebody says the two letters, 'MS' that it has some meaning to people."

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