Hurricane Patricia strongest storm on record in the Western Hemisphere


PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico - Hurricane Patricia is now a record breaking category 5 hurricane and has come ashore in Mexico.

In just 24 hours, Patricia went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane. Patricia's winds reached 200 mph and pressure of 879 millibars. These are the highest winds a hurricane has ever produced on record. This is the lowest central pressure recorded in the western hemisphere since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. In the eastern hemisphere, Typhoon Tip had a central pressure of 870 millibars in 1979.

The category 5 storm has been bringing the strong winds inland south of Puerto Vallarta with the ability of producing catastrophic damage to Mexico.

The hurricane will weaken rapidly due to high terrain as it moves northeast and become a tropical storm and then a remnant low over the weekend.

The remnants of Patrica will move towards Texas this weekend as a non tropical low moves onshore. This non tropical low will tap into moisture from Patricia's remnants and produce heavy rainfall through the weekend in Texas.

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