Here's 28 things to know about Cam Newton as he turns 28


CHARLOTTE - Cam Newton got two early birthday presents when the Carolina Panthers selected running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receiver Curtis Samuel in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. They were much-needed toys for the quarterback, who didn't have such a good season as a 27-year-old.

OK, it was the worst of his career.

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Newton turns 28 on Thursday. Short of a Super Bowl victory, there's not much more the first pick of the 2011 draft could want for -- on or off the field. He already has a college football championship, Heisman Trophy, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, NFL MVP Award, trip to the Super Bowl and two children whom he adores.

Newton shared on Instagram Thursday how he is celebrating his big day.

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May 11, 2017 at 12:43am PDT

A year ago, the 27th birthday of the league's most polarizing player was celebrated here with a list of his his 27 most memorable quotes.

Today we'll go with 28 things you may or may not know about Cameron Jerrell Newton:

1. He loves stogies. Don't believe it? Check out his Instagram feed, in which he's often pictured enjoying what one can only imagine is a fine Cuban cigar.

2. He has a personal photographer who follows him around the field and town documenting all the moments he shares on social media -- and some that he doesn't share.

3. He has his own hatmaker based in California who makes him one-of-a-kind lids. OK, everyone should know this by now if they paid attention to Newton at all last season. If you didn't, perhaps this story and this picture will help.

4. He likes feathers. They are the signature item of his hats.

5. He's not particularly accurate as a passer. He's never completed 62 percent of his passes in a season and he's coming off a career-worst 52.9 percent. That's why McCaffrey and Samuel are such big presents.

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