Gov. Cooper declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma


RALEIGH - Gov. Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency for all 100 North Carolina counties beginning Thursday at 8 a.m. for Hurricane Irma.

The governor held a press conference Wednesday afternoon, where he made the declaration. He asked residents to begin preparing for the possibility of the storm, which could cross somewhere in North Carolina Monday or Tuesday.

"The state is doing what we want the people of North Carolina to do and that is prepare for Hurricane Irma," Cooper said.

Cooper also said residents need to make a plan for the possibility of evacuation and figure out where they would go if an evacuation is needed. He also asked residents to update their emergency kits and to stay informed to the news for the latest updates.

The governor says the state is in a somewhat better position compared to Hurricane Matthew last October, when rains from an earlier storm swelled inland waterways by the time the center of the storm arrived.

Cooper says swift-water rescue teams the state sent to Texas for Hurricane Harvey should all be back in North Carolina by Wednesday night.

Below is part of Gov. Cooper's press conference about Irma.

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