Dozens of taxi, limo drivers arrested in Charlotte

4. Taxi driver -- Average salary: $22,820Projected growth by 2022: 16%

When dozens of taxi and limo drivers claimed the same home address, leading to a big insurance bust. North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey says 70 Charlotte-area taxi and limousine drivers falsely listed the same address in suburban Union County to get a break on auto insurance. A news release by Causey says the drivers all listed the same single-family house to avoid paying higher auto insurance premiums in Mecklenburg County, which surrounds North Carolina's biggest city. Causey says the drivers were each charged with rate evasion. Union County property records show the Waxhaw house is a two-story stucco structure with about 4,000 square feet of living space. A phone number listed for the house was disconnected. Causey employs 20 law enforcement officers to investigate insurance fraud.

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