Dog floats midair to help couple reveal sex of baby

(Caters News Agency via GMA)

Two Canadians floated many ideas for one unique way to reveal the sex of their first child.

Brooke and Jordan Holton placed their 7-year-old teacup Yorkie in a basket attached to 75 helium balloons. The dog, Coco, floated down from a balcony to reveal that the couple, in Vernon, Canada, was expecting a girl.

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"My mom suggested that we need to do something big and crazy," she recalled.

Brooke Holton's aunt, Joy Collins, said they thought of many ways to involve Coco -- from her jumping out of a box to her running out of the house with a pink or blue bow. Ultimately, they decided on Coco coming down from the balcony, as long as she was "protected," Collins said.

Brooke Holton said her guests were "shocked," and many of them were crying. One of the guests who had tears in her eyes was Collins.

"I started crying even though I knew it was going to happen," Collins, 53, admitted. "She's my niece, and I wanted everything to go perfect, and I think it did."

Brooke Holton agreed, calling the reveal "magical." She's eagerly awaiting motherhood.

"I'm looking forward to having a best friend for life," she added.

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