Commissioners discuss the removal of a Confederate war memorial in Florida

(Lauren St. Germain/WFTS)

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFTS) - Hillsborough County commissioners will discuss the future of a confederate civil war memorial at Wednesday morning's commission meeting.

Hillsborough County Commission Chair, Stacey White is pushing for new measures that would protect all veterans memorials, including the statue in front of the old Hillsborough County Courthouse. Others, including Commissioner Lesley "Les" Miller, want it to be removed and will bring that up at the meeting.

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The statue shows two enlisted soldiers: one facing north headed off to war and the other facing south, coming home, torn and battered. The Daughters of the Confederacy built this statue back in 1911 and it was moved onto public property in the 1950s.

"When you look at this monument, and read the caption and look at the two soldiers, it is clearly a veteran's memorial and this is about veterans really nothing more," Commission White stated.

Others, like Clay Daniels who lives in Tampa, want it removed. "I just think it needs to be removed. The Civil War is over. It's time to move on," Daniels said.

He also said, "... If you keep reminding people, it just rings racial tension in the country."

ABC Action News spoke with a U.S. Navy Veteran, Victor McFadden who said, "... Just erasing history is not something we should do. We should always remember and try to do better."

Commissioner White told ABC Action News it would cost close to $130,000 to relocate the monument.

Wednesday morning, commissioners will vote Commissioner White's proposal to protect all veterans memorials.

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